Offering Tailored Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats in Missoula, MT

Dog Cat Vaccines In Missoula Mt
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Four Paws Veterinary Clinic recommends vaccines as part of your pet’s health care plan. They offer the necessary protection against contagious and in some cases, life-threatening, diseases, and can contribute to a much healthier and longer life for your four-legged family member. Here in Missoula, MT, we offer customized vaccination plans that cover both the essentials and case-by-case situations. We embrace the uniqueness of every pet and are happy to provide cat and dog vaccinations that best suit their needs!

We’d love to discuss your pet’s vaccination needs with you. Contact us at (406) 542-3838 or schedule an appointment.

Cat and Dog Vaccines Our Hospital Offers

Your pet is unlikely to need every dog or cat vaccine we carry, but we want to make sure their specific needs are covered. That’s why we offer a whole range of vaccines to ensure complete protection for every pet. Our most important pet vaccines include:

How Do I Know Which Vaccines My Pet Needs?

Your veterinarian at Four Paws Veterinary Clinic will sit down with you to talk about your pet’s vaccination schedule, and which core (and if needed, non-core) vaccines they will need. We will consider factors including age, size, breed, habitat/environment, and lifestyle. Our core vaccines, which include rabies, distemper-parvo, and FVRCP, are all essential because they protect against highly contagious and potentially deadly viruses. Non-core vaccines are recommended if we deem them necessary for your pet’s safety.

For example, if your dog frequents places where other dogs congregate, such as dog parks, dog daycare centers, or boarding kennels, then they need the Bordetella vaccine to protect against kennel cough. Kennel cough spreads quickly among dogs and while not deadly, it can cause unpleasant, cold-like symptoms for your canine. Likewise, if you have an adult cat that spends half their time outdoors, then we will likely recommend including the leukemia vaccine in their schedule.

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We Recommend Microchipping, Too

A microchip is an essential safeguard against being permanently separated from your pet if they ever go missing. Placing a microchip is easy–similar to vaccinating your pet! All we have to do is insert the chip under the skin, between the shoulder blades. The procedure is quick and should cause no discomfort to your pet. We highly recommend microchipping your pet during their next wellness visit, or while they’re under anesthesia for their spay/neuter or dental cleaning.

Let’s Work Together to Protect Your Pet

At Four Paws Veterinary Clinic, we are dedicated to having open, honest conversations about the care your pet needs for optimal health. We look forward to answering all your questions and taking the guesswork out of giving your companion the best life possible. To get started on vaccinating your pet or to maintain their ongoing protection from disease, get in touch with us by calling (406) 542-3838 or requesting an appointment.