Adult Pet Wellness Care in Missoula, MT

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Your pet’s health and longevity are our highest priorities here in Missoula, MT, and we want to give you both as many joyful years together as possible. As a healthy adult, your dog or cat benefits from annual wellness exams where we can assess their condition, answer all your questions, and check for potential health problems. Our approach also encourages your hands-on involvement, because you know your pet best! By staying informed and understanding your pet’s needs, you play a pivotal role in maintaining their health and giving them an incredible life by your side.

Schedule an exam for your adult dog or cat to keep them on track for a healthy life. Call (406) 542-3838 or schedule online to book an appointment.

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Why are Annual Dog and Cat Wellness Exams So Important?

Annual wellness exams are vital in maintaining your pet's vibrant health. They serve as a proactive measure, allowing us to identify and address health concerns in their early stages, well before they escalate into more significant issues. During these visits, we closely assess your pet's weight, ensure their heart and lungs are functioning optimally, and look out for any subtle changes that might signal health concerns. These appointments also provide a perfect opportunity for you to discuss any observations or questions you might have about your pet's habits, nutritional needs, or exercise routines.

Preventative Treatments and Services for Adult Pets

During your pet's wellness exam, we provide a variety of preventative treatments and services. This includes vaccinations, which protect against common diseases; dental checks, to ensure your pet's mouth is healthy; and blood screens and fecal checks to look for signs of early disease. We also discuss and update parasite prevention strategies tailored to your pet's specific needs and lifestyle.

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Parasite Prevention: A Year-Round Necessity for Dogs and Cats

Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and heartworms can cause serious health issues for dogs and cats. Fleas and ticks are not just a summer hazard; they can infest your pet and your home year-round, transmitting diseases in the process. Heartworm disease, transmitted by mosquitoes, can be fatal if not prevented. That's why we recommend year-round prevention against these parasites–it’s the best way to give your pet optimal protection. Our team can help you choose the right products to keep your pet safe and healthy all year.

Preventative care is key to a long, happy life for your dog or cat. If you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment, please get in touch by calling (406) 542-3838!