House Calls

We offer house call services for routine exams as well as for end of life procedures. If your pet is difficult to transport or is nervous at the veterinary clinic, please call to schedule an at-home exam.

Wellness Services

We recommend annual exams for patients under 7 years of age and bi-annual exams for patients over 7 years of age. Our wellness exam includes a complete oral health assessment and a full physical exam.

Spay and Neuter

We recommend spaying and neutering your pet between 5–6 months of age, as younger pets recover more quickly and are less prone to complications. An IV catheter, IV fluids, and pain medication are included in the cost of surgery.


We are equipped to perform both minor and major surgeries on your pet. We use state of the art monitoring equipment to evaluate your pet’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and temperature during surgery. Minimizing pain and discomfort is one of our highest priorities.


Routine dental cleanings are important to maintaining your pet’s health. We provide comprehensive dental care including ultrasonic scaling and polishing, digital dental x-rays, and tooth extraction. We also perform more advanced dental procedures such as full mouth extractions for feline stomatitis.


We provide comprehensive in-house bloodwork for immediate results when your pet is ill. We recommend pre-anesthetic testing for all surgery and dental procedures as well as preventative screening bloodwork for patients over 7 years of age. We utilize outside laboratories for specialized testing.


Digital x-ray not only provides a superior quality image, making it easier to diagnose problems. It also minimizes your pet’s exposure to x-rays. If needed, we can send digital x-rays to a radiologist or other specialists for review.


Dogs and cats can have a variety of skin diseases including allergies, skin infections, ear infections, and parasites. We can perform a skin scraping, serum allergy testing, ear cytology, biopsy, and culture to best determine the correct treatment for your pet’s problem.

Internal Medicine

We are equipped to diagnose and treat many acute and chronic medical conditions of cats and dogs. Our in-house laboratory and x-ray equipment allows us to diagnose your pet’s problem quickly and institute treatment immediately. We can also provide emergency care during our regular business hours.

Pain Management

Symptoms such as difficulty rising or jumping, slowing down on walks, and urinating or defecating outside of the litter box can all be indicators of pain. We have a variety of medications to treat acute and chronic pain in our patients.


If your pet develops a behavior problem, we can provide guidance and medications. It is important to recognize and treat a behavior problem early in a pet’s life. We try to minimize stress at the veterinary clinic by using low stress handling and minimizing loud noises.


At Four Paws, we provide Hills and Royal Canin prescription diets. Prescription diets can only be purchased through a veterinarian as they are designed to treat a specific medical condition. We can provide nutritional recommendations for non-prescription diets as well.